October 24 & 25

Playback Film Summit offers 300+ pre-set one-on-one and curated group meeting opportunities, in addition to hundreds of serendipitous online meetings with industry leaders who can move your projects, and career forward.

Speed Meetings

*advance sign-up IS required

Sign-up period:
Tuesday, October 3, 12:00 PM ET - Wednesday, October 18, 5:00 PM ET

Speed Meetings are a fantastic opportunity for delegates to meet one-on-one with leading film agents, buyers, producers, distributors and funders. This is your opportunity to connect with partners who can help advance your film project.

Pre-set one-on-one Speed Meeting opportunities are available during the two days of the Film Summit. All meetings are seven minutes long with a three minute transition time between meetings.

**If you are no longer able to attend your meeting(s) please email to cancel no later than 11am on Monday October 23rd. No shows could lead to reduced access to speed meetings at future events. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

How to sign up: Only registered delegates can sign up for Speed Meetings. Each delegate will initially be able to sign up for two Speed Meeting sessions and one Standby Spot. These sessions are first-come, first-served and will fill up quickly. If that's the case, keep checking back throughout the sign-up period as sessions could free up if people switch or drop out.

Speed Meeting Host profiles are available for review ahead of the sign-up period to ensure you know what each decision maker is looking for - get insider tips on their current mandates and ensure a good match with your work.

If you don't get a one-on-one Speed Meeting spot - or if there’s someone else you'd love to meet with - there are hundreds of opportunities available to connect with potential partners, funders, distributors, agents and buyers via Speed Networking or at the Topic Tables. You could also meet someone in the Virtual Delegate Lounge. These sessions are "drop-in" with no advance sign-up required.

Topic Tables

*advance sign-up is NOT required

Join a virtual topic table for a small group conversation with a table host and up to seven delegates. Discuss important topics facing today's industry, meet delegates, and decision makers. Each session has a central theme, and has up to eight tables with an industry expert at each one to answer your burning questions, facilitate conversation and encourage industry connections.

We encourage delegates to visit multiple topic tables during each 45-minute session.

Topic table sessions:
Connecting voices: unions, guilds and community organizations
Financing + funding: the good, the bad and the money
Indie innovations: from sustainability to AI to discoverability
Festival insights: meet the festival programmers

Case Studies

*advance sign-up is NOT required

Pull up a chair in the virtual lounge to hear the backstory of some recently released successful Canadian film projects, both large and small + participate in an interactive Q&A.

Watch the agenda for more details on the timing and hosts for these sessions.

Speed Networking

*advance sign-up is NOT required

Stop by the Virtual Delegate Lounge to be matched up with other Film Summit attendees for five-minute speed networking sessions. These brief networking sessions are designed to maximize interaction with potential partners! Make sure to jot down names so you can reconnect on the BANFFXchange platform after the session wraps.

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