Playback Film Summit offers 500+ curated meeting opportunities with industry leaders who can move your projects, and career forward.

Networking presented by CMPA

Speed Meetings

*advance sign-up required

144 pre-set Speed Meeting opportunities are available to connect one-on-one with leading film agents, buyers, distributors, financiers and co-producers from around the world who can help take your film project to the next stage.

All meetings will be seven (7)-minutes long with a three (3)-minute transition time between sessions. 

Sign-ups open:

Friday October 15, 12:00PM ET – Tuesday, Nov. 2 at 5pm ET


Session dates: Tuesday, Nov. 9 and Wednesday, Nov. 10


Here’s how you can sign up:

  • Review the Speed Meeting host BUYER PROFILES on the Playback Film Summit on BANFFXchange platform to ensure you know what each ‘buyer’ is looking for - get insider tips on the buyers’ current mandates, and ensure a good match with your work.
  • To sign up for a Speed Meeting, log in to the Playback Film Summit on BANFFXchange event homepage and follow the below instructions:
    • From the agenda, click on any of the Speed Meeting Sessions
    • Click on the Sign-Up button for the session you would most like to attend
    • When you see Signed Up beside your selection, it has been made successfully
    • If there is no more space available, you will see a ‘FULL’ message
    • If your plans change and you need to switch your session, simply click Unselect and make another selection 


NOTE: These sessions are first-come, first-served and might fill up quickly. If that's the case, keep checking back. Sessions could free up if people switch or drop out.  

Each delegate will initially be able to sign up for 3 (three) Speed Meeting sessions. If you do not secure meetings, or if you did get a meeting and you'd like additional slots, there will be wait lines on the day of the session. The wait line will operate on a first-come, first-served basis. 


Keep the conversation going via group video meeting opportunities scheduled throughout the Playback Film Summit.
These sessions are "drop-in" with no sign-up required.

Chat Rooms

*advance sign-up NOT required

Join our hosts for small group conversations following each panel to discuss important topics explored during the previous session. Talk about issues facing today’s industry and make meaningful connections.

See the agenda for a list of dates and hosts for these sessions. No sign-up is required for these small group meetings, however we strongly suggest attending the panel prior to the chat room to ensure a robust conversation. Session topics will include:

  • FESTIVAL DEBRIEF: An opportunity to connect face-to-face with festival programmers from around the world and learn what they are looking for in the upcoming year.

  • GLOBAL MEETUP: Meet internationals looking for co-production partners, as well as leaders in the international sales space.

  • LOCAL MATTERS: An opportunity to discuss and showcase your independent film production goals and find the path forward.

  • PACKAGING: Discuss movie packaging in small groups with experts from top agencies.

  • DIGITAL DISTRIBUTION: Connect with a myriad of digital distribution services and the aggregators who help get your content on VOD platforms.

Speed Networking

*advance sign-up NOT required

Join us in the virtual lounge to be matched for five (5)-minute speed meetings. These networking sessions are designed to maximize interaction with potential partners in a short time period during each of the chat sessions.

Case Studies

*advance sign-up NOT required

Join two sessions to hear the backstory of a number of recently released successful Canadian film projects, both large and small, and participate in an interactive Q&A. No sign-up is required.

Watch the agenda for more details on the timing and hosts for these sessions.

Unlimited Meetings on our Virtual Platform

Until December 15, all delegates will have unlimited opportunities to connect, chat, screen projects and set video meetings via the Playback Film Summit on BANFFXchange virtual conference platform.

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