Case study: The Queen of my Dreams’ journey from short film to feature

Don’t miss the chance to hear the story behind the development and production of The Queen of my Dreams, the feature film directorial debut from Fawzia Mirza. Join Fawzia, along with producers Andria Wilson Mirza and Jason Levangie as they share insights on the financing journey to turn a 2012 short into a feature film selected for the 2023 Toronto International Film Festival.

Case Study: The Queen of my Dreams

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Speed Meeting Hosts


Don't miss execs from TIFF, levelFILM and Game Theory in this informative online panel as they explore some of the most recent strategies to boost the discoverability of indie films, and the ways marketing has evolved in recent years.

Finding your audience in the modern film market

Finding your audience

BlackBerry: a marketing case study from title to screen

Pull up a chair to hear the live backstory behind the marketing of Rhombus Media and Elevation Picture’s BlackBerry. How the Elevation Pictures team turned a film about a defunct mobile device into a campaign that led to one of the biggest opening weekends for a domestic film in years.

Case Study: BlackBerry

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Speed Meeting Hosts
Speed Meeting Hosts


Drop in to Topic Tables each day of the Film Summit at 1pm and 3pm. These 45 minute informal roundtable sessions are a great opportunity to connect with industry experts to help move your project forward. *Advance sign-up is NOT required.


Financing + funding: the good, the bad, and the money
>> Connect with some key producers, funders and lawyers who will share tips, resources and insights on how to access development and production financing for your next project.

Indie innovations: from sustainability to AI to discoverability
>> The film industry is evolving rapidly, and it's a full-time job just keeping up! Sit down with our table hosts to discuss everything from sustainability initiatives, to how we can embrace AI (and what we should question!), and innovative trends in marketing and discoverability.

Festival insights: meet the festival programmers
>> Meet some of the industry’s top festival programmers and learn more about getting your film on the festival circuit. Get details on the application process, benefits of having a festival release, and the built-in community that can come with the festival scene.

Connecting voices: unions, guilds and community organizations
>> Connect with some of the key players in the Canadian film industry and learn more about how these organizations are working for you.

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Speed Meeting Hosts

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