Speaker Alison Cosgrove

Speaker Alison Cosgrove


Alison Cosgrove

Communications Director

Reelworld Screen Institute

Alison has built a 20-year career in media and the arts, starting in advertising and digital media and eventually extending her communications skillset to commercial production while working for top Canadian Broadcasters including CTV and Corus Entertainment. As a Humber College graduate of Advertising and Graphic Design, Alison brings an in-depth and tactical understanding of the delivery of messages.  Alison has provided consulting services to small businesses with a focus on defining and structuring communications that support their business objectives. With a desire to help underserved communities Alison has sat on the Board of Directors for Tangled Arts (formerly Abilities Art Festival) where she facilitated the rebrand of the organization. As Communications Director at Reelworld Alison develops and oversees the communication plans for partnerships, outreach, and media awareness.

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