Speaker Michael Da Silva

Speaker Michael Da Silva


Michael Da Silva

Manager-Sales and Acquisitions

Raven Banner/Hangar 18 Media

Michael has almost 10 years of experience in international sales and acquisitions. Getting his start at the international sales company Cinemavault, he has managed acquisitions of films in all genres, and at many budget ranges, including the Academy-Award nominated film 'Tangerines.'

Michael co-founded Annex Entertainment in 2015, with a goal of pushing the business of international sales farther up the production timeline to include financing and development. He brings this experience to Raven Banner, where he continues to manage international sales and acquisitions, while coordinating with in-house productions and other early-stage developments to ensure that the creative and business components of the company work in harmony.

Speaking on: Speed Meetings: Vortex Media, Cineflix Productions, RavenBanner

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