Speaker Anand Ramayya

Speaker Anand Ramayya


Anand Ramayya


Karmafilm Inc.

Combining a passion for inclusive stories and original voices, KarmaFilm founder Anand Ramayya has built an impressive, twenty-year track record as a BIPOC and equity seeking producer with over 80 hours of content notably OUR BIG PUNJABI
FAMILY(2023), DONKEYHEAD (2022) & the groundbreaking stop motion series WAPOS BAY receiving over 40 awards including five Geminis (two Canada Awards for excellence in diversity), a Canadian Screen Award (six nominations), a Kidscreen Award and most recently the 2023 SERIES FEST award for Best International Comedy Pilot.

As a creator of content Ramayya has written and directed numerous award-winning documentaries including COSMIC CURRENT, MAD COW SACRED COW, WHO KILLED GANDHI? and the award winning series LANDING: STORIES FROM THE

Ramayya has over 20 years of service to the industry, is past president of the Saskatchewan Motion Picture Association, an alumni of NSI, Strategic Partners and the CFC and sits on several Canadian and international juries. In 2020 Ramayya was also honoured with the Reelworld TRAILBLAZER AWARD which recognizes diverse Canadian pioneers in the entertainment industry and was most recently recognized by the Canadian film production community with the CMPA Indiescreen 2022 Established Producer Award. Ramayya is a member of SMPIA, the CMPA National Board of Directors and the ACE Producers Network.

Embracing shifts in production methodology, Ramayya is also a majority partner in Volume Global Technology SK Inc. working with Volume Global LLC https://volume.global/ pioneers in the field of cutting-edge volume design and training to establish a world class Virtual Production facility housed in the John Hopkins Regina Sound Stage located in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Speaking on: Going modern: will C-11 breathe new life into Canadian film?

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